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Today's Quiz

Today's quiz is a fun and yet very useful section of our site that lets you check your knowledge in the domain of home insurance.

If you think you know it all or just want to make sure your information level lets you effectively shop around for a policy and avoid simple mistakes while doing it. No matter what your goal is, these tests will put your thought into move and make you remind of everything you know about home insurance.

See for yourself if you are a newbie or already an expert in the domain the easiest and most direct way there is. Who knows, maybe you will be the next expert to answer questions in the Ask the Expert section of our site some day.

  1. You consider buying a house, but the building you like the most is know to have had three plumbing leaks during the last five years. Prior to signing a contract with the insurance company you have to...
  2. Even if I don't have any rivers, seas, oceans or lakes nearby my new home, I still have to buy flood coverage...
  3. A child from the neighborhood has broken his arm while climbing a tree located on my property. Will the medical bills be covered by my homeowners insurance?
  4. Which of the following will not contribute to decreasing my car insurance premiums?
  5. My antique auto had an accident with a fully insured driver. The other party's insurance company will pay for the repair but won't cover the diminished value of the vintage vehicle.
  6. What's the main difference between cash value and term life insurance?
  7. Several years ago I suffered a heart attack but currently I'm fully recovered and looking forward to changing my job. Will my new employer provide me with health insurance plan?
  8. The idea of life insurance in its essence makes me sick, because I have to die in order to get the money. Isn't there a life insurance policy that pays me while I'm still alive?
  9. Lloyd's of London is known all over the world for insuring strange and quite odd objects. Which of the following inquiries did Lloyd's still refuse?
  10. I was working for a company for the last 23 years, but they recently fired me, leaving me without any health insurance. Should I get COBRA health insurance coverage as soon as possible?
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