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Tip of the day @ My Home Insurance Place:
What to Do When Home Insurance Denies Your Claim

Tip of the day

1. No Doesn't Necessarily Mean No

Only 1% of people query their denials, so insurers generally assume they can get away with denying claims. Fight it! Why? Because there's at least a 50-50 chance of getting the right result.
Consumer advocates point out that 10% of claims each year are wrongfully denied.

2. Get a Written Explanation of the Rejection

Many rejections are not legally binding unless they are in writing. Tell the home insurance company that you want a comprehensive explanation in writing.

3. Check Your Policy

Read through that contract looking for reasons why their denial was wrong. You may want to have an insurance expert or lawyer take a look.

4. Claims Processing Errors Are Meaningless

Generally speaking, if the reason you are denied is a formal error or time error to do with your filing, you can get that reversed. Most states have laws on the books to protect consumers here because insurance companies are known to make claims processes intentionally tricky.

5. Get Help

You shouldn't go through this alone. State authorities will often help with disputes (and scare the bejesus out of the home insurance company).

Check home insurance companies' claims records before switching.

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