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Save your energy

All day long your house needs energy and it uses it all the time. When you are cold in winter the energy keeps you warm, when you need your house to be cool in summer - the energy helps you to get the desired result. When you need the light - the house gives you the light due to the energy it uses. And don’t even let us get started talking about the electronic devices and other home appliances.

We can give you an inside scoop on how to use your energy more efficiently. You can also teach yourself to save energy but provide your home with heating, cooling and water heating.


It is up to you to decide how much energy you need in your flat, no matter what your landlord says. Of course, he is the one responsible for the energy efficiency but still. Energy conservation steps will make your bills decrease without making your apartment comfort suffer. Keep that in mind!


Apartments are the easiest to cut electricity costs in. You can see the ways to do it in the following sections that teach us how to reduce the electricity use.

Cool it or heat it

In this section we will tell you how to save on your heating and cooling costs. Home insurance will save you from house disasters but won’t economize for you. This is your job. It is also up to you to make your apartment more comfortable and cozy. But don’t forget that you can’t many any sort of decisions on your own. Your landlord has to see your point of view as well.

  • Make watertight and weather-strip windows and exterior doors to protect them.
  • Choose install ate, and use window protection or coverings.
Boil your water up

You can use your option of having the energy-efficient water heating but that is only the case if you have your own water heater in the house. But those that don’t have it should not feel bad. You can still economize on hot water. But once again, you will need to inform your landlord about any energy conservation measures you are about to take.

Don’t use it to the maximum

Your energy bills should not be the reason for panic. There are plenty of possibilities to reduce them together with the electricity consumption in the house. If you want to apply the renewable energy system and make your own electricity - you need to start thinking of some new opportunities to do so. Once again we want to make you understand that your home insurance has nothing to do with the amount of money you pay for the utilities.

You should remember that some areas in your house are making your utility bills go crazy. Here are these areas:

  1. Appliances and Electronic EquipmentYou can start paying less with more than 20 percent if you live in an average US home. All you need to do is buy energy-efficient products and apply them as much as you can. A little less than half of your bills payments are due to the appliances and electronic equipment.
  2. LightingIf you are smart enough to buy energy-efficient products, then you should know you are on the right path. You save daily without any sort of effort. If your house is on the “brighter side” and you use daylight as much as you can during the day, then you also economize yourself big bucks.
  3. Electric systemsEnergy-efficient electric systems are great. And if chosen wisely they can be absolutely priceless. You can pick up an energy-efficient system that doesn’t use any electricity. Energy-efficient windows are a big plus. Consider them as an option.
  4. Electric water heatingYou can save on the electric water heating as well. For that you need to choose the variant that doesn’t requite electricity usage.

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