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Save on Energy, Better Home Insurance

Double your savings using energy-efficient solutions that will reduce home insurance costs.

Learn about savings with:

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Energy-efficient home systems
  • Gardens, Green Roofs

Find out if you can get government grants and/or rebates to further lower your financial investment.

Here's how to make your home super energy efficient. It is a long-term financial investment, and saves you money down the line.

How does using renewable energy and energy-efficiency devices save on home insurance?

According to the most recent data, people with home generators - whether solar, wind, or both - are consistently charged up to 20% less for home insurance. Taking responsibility for your energy needs is a sign that you are a responsible home owner. You are less likely to be neglectful and wind up filing claims. Energy-efficient devices also tend to stress your home systems less, so there is a smaller chance of anything breaking and requiring reimbursement from insurers.

Gardening especially saves you a lot of money on home insurance, since gardeners are more mindful of the exterior of their homes. They are more careful about infestations, leaks, etc.

Wind Power

If you get wind around 12 kilometers per hour (KMPH), you can save a lot of money on your energy bill by installing a home wind turbine. They can fit on the roof or on a self-sustaining pole in the yard. You'll need clearance from the local zoning authority to put it up in the sky though.
Currently, the best model types for homes are the Helix Wind turbines. Cheaper options are available.

Solar Power

The whole world is going solar, though technically it always was. We've had the technology for a long time – just look at calculators – but we are now finally taking advantage of it in a modern way. You have plenty of options with solar panels. Get started on this site.

One thing to remember: you might actually get paid with solar panels if you tie into the grid. People in the southern United States often find they use less electricity than they produce and the power company sends them checks each months, not bills!

Fab 4 Devices Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

Home appliances and systems that save on energy obviously reduce your monthly bills, but they can also save you money by providing tax credits, rebates, and grants from the Feds.

Refrigerator. Bulky, inefficient fridges can cost $200-400 a year in energy bills.
Look for:
-Freezer on bottom
-Size (only as big as you need)
-Energy Star rating

Insulation. Put R-20 or R-30 in the walls and R-50 or R-70 in the ceiling.

Windows. Double-pain those things!

AC Use a small unit with a programmable thermostat.

Gardens and Green Roofs Putting your house in the shade of healthy plant life can reduce cooling needs in the summer.
Green roofs help all year round with insulation. They can also save you money on groceries!

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