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Home security for those living alone and of limited mobility

It is important for people of all ages to have the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure home but none more so than those living alone or of limited mobility. Precautions need to be taken, many of which are basic common sense. It only takes a little thought to tune towards behaving with safety and security and not having to rely on home insurance to account for any accidents.

How to make you house a safe place:

  • Keep regular contact with someone trustworthy – friends or family.
  • Don’t leave any signs if you go away. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail and put out your rubbish, etc…
  • Never hide your spare key anywhere. Give it to someone trustworthy.
  • Make sure it is easy to see your house name or number.
  • Always call the police if you are the victim of harassment, an attack or a robbery.
  • Keep all doors locked when at home.
  • Keep a photographic record of your jewelry and engrave all portable items (example. TV) with your name, address and license number.
  • Take photographs of all valuables to assist any claim on your home insurance and engrave your personal details onto all portable items.
  • Open a bank account rather than keeping cash at home.
  • If you have deadlocks, keep the keys in the locks on the inside when you are home, in case you need to leave in an emergency.
  • In case of an emergency, keep keys on the inside of your deadlocks when you are at home.
  • Never draw attention to the fact you live alone or whether you are a Mr., Mrs., Miss etc…

People we don’t really want in:

  • Don’t open the door to anybody you don’t know.
  • Pretend you are not alone if somebody comes to the door.
  • Ask for identification, look at it carefully and contact the office for verification of anybody wishing to enter your home.
  • If someone wants to use your phone for an emergency, offer to make the call for them, but keep them out.
  • Don’t let somebody else use your phone, even in an emergency. Offer to make the call for them instead.

Fraud Artists:

They want to manipulate you and take your money or property and are very charming and intelligent. Call the police if you suspect anything and beware of:

  • Offers of giving something for nothing.
  • Contests that you claim you have won, especially if you don’t remember entering them.
  • Opportunities to make cash.
  • Home improvement offers
  • Offers of home improvement/renovation
  • Get rich quick/pyramid schemes
  • People calling to service something that you didn’t request.

Annoying Calls:

Never give any personal information and hang up if a caller upsets up. Call the police immediately.

Keep yourself safe:

Basic safety tips when outdoors:

  • Always be aware of other people near your personal space and in your immediate surroundings.
  • Stay away from places that may make you vulnerable to crime such as dark lanes, isolated parks and poorly lit areas.
  • Pay your bills by cheque, credit card or over the phone and internet. Don’t carry large quantities of cash.
  • Carry your handbag under your arm or in front of you and never leave it unattended. Put your wallet inside your jacket or a front pocket.
  • Take your car keys out before you get to your car so you don’t have to stop and search for them.
  • If you are in danger, make as much as possible and head towards the nearest busy place.
  • When Banking, use an indoor ATM whenever possible.
  • Never carry any cash in your hand. Put it in your purse or wallet as soon as possible and keep it out of sight.
  • Contact your local police for further information and advice. They are happy to help with any queries you might have.

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