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How MyHomeInsurancePlace can help you

Home Insurance Basics

This section of our site is here to help those people who have just started searching the web for a good home insurance plan and need a better understanding of the whole thing's basics. Here you will learn the very essentials of home insurance as well as the most common mistakes.

Weekly Theme

Here you will find the most interesting articles, from our point of view, which reflect the current state of home insurance in the US and the world in general, and are able to influence your insurance rates as well.

Tip Of The Day

This section is an archive of useful tips that have ever appeared on our home page. They may be short but if you get the essence, you will be able to save on your home insurance quite effectively.

Around The House

Why do you insure your home? For protecting your property, money and your loved ones. The goal of this section is to help you do that not only from the home insurance perspective. Materials provided in this section will help you achieve these goals, and if you will follow them your insurance rates will surely go down. Shooting two birds with one stone always feels good, right?

  1. Child-oriented home – The articles from this section will help your house become much safer for your small and not so small kids.
  2. Energy saving – is a first step to saving considerable amounts of money, which get spent without purpose.
  3. Home security – This section will help you make a fortress out of your home! Video systems, security company selection tips and other — it is all here.

Ask An Expert

If you have already spent a lot of time surfing the web with the scope of finding an answer to your questions regarding home insurance — you won't find a better place to find all the answers you need than this section! Our experts will gladly address all of your inquiries and give you helpful tips.

Home Insurance Articles

Here we gather an archive of useful articles and news regarding insurance. Here you will definitely find a lot of useful information.

Providers Shopping

This is one of the most useful sections of our site. Here you can get a list of free quotes from the best providers operating in your state.

Today's quiz

Who are you? A fresh head or a hardcore insurance expert? Our tests will help you understand how good you're at home insurance!

Home Insurance Basics
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