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Home Insurance Basics

Home insurance is a very important aspect for many of us as we all want to make sure that our house is protected against various circumstances and our whole life's savings want perish without a trace if something bad happens. But sometimes home insurance may sound quite complicated for a person who doesn't know all the ins and outs of insurance industry and is not so well trained in special terminology or essential aspects.

That is exactly what this section was created for. Here you will be able to make your first step into understanding the basics of home insurance and the mechanisms making the whole system work. These articles are aimed at people who don't have profound knowledge in insurance in general and home insurance in particular. So if you feel that you are not ready to surf the web on your own looking for suitable options just because you not that competent in the domain of home insurance, this is a good place to start with.

What is homeowners insurance?
Co-op or Condo insurance?
What does the standard homeowners policy imply?
Home insurance and flooding
Is there a chance of having a house without insurance?
Why are home assets necessary?
Cancellation and Non-renewal: any different?

Home Insurance Basics
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