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Why are home assets necessary?

How likely is it for you to recollect about all the possessions of yours if they were harmed or destroyed by the fire? You need to update your possessions list in order to get your insurance claim work for you in seconds. We would recommend keeping the bills, sales receipts and appraisals you have. It might sound odd but at the end of the day it might be helpful. Put down the material things that mean the most to you. Some of the belongings might be especially valuable to you. You home insurance will cover those if you mention them while signing the contract. When it comes to electronic equipment – it is smart to record their serial numbers in order for them to be found later on if stolen.

Here are some of the important points to consider:

Don't postpone what's important!

If you moved in a new home it is easy for you to make a list of the belongings that represent value to you. It is much harder to do in the old house but remember that it is better to have an incomplete list of things than no list at all.

Pricey stuff

The priciest stuff most of us have is jewelry, art work and collectible souvenirs. They represent a great value and are always targeted. They need to be insured and it is better to separate them.

Take a shot

Closets and drawers have some nice stuff in. Check them or take a picture. Put the date and some information about the product on the back of the photo.

Videotape it

It would not hurt to use a good quality camera to videotape what’s inside your house.

Use a personal computer

You can use your personal computer to create a list of the things you own. Some computers have the software to allow you to create your own database for it.

Protect the list, pictures and tapes

It is better to keep your mouth shut about the valuable things in your house. If you have already made a tape or taken pictures of your belongings – keep them locked somewhere safe. Safety deposit boxes are great for that.

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