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Energy and Home Insurance Savings Tips

There is money hidden all over your house if you know where to look: behind the light switch, in the thermostat, around the windows, and dripping into the sink. It's in the form of energy, and conserving it can save you money on utility bills and even lower your home insurance costs.

Efficiency Means Responsibility

These habits are linked to responsible and stable attitudes, which are linked to safe living. If you keep track of the steps you take to save energy in your home with concrete purchases like energy-efficient appliances, you can send this information to your home insurance provider for a potentially reduced rate.

Energy-Saving Tips

A Kilowatt Saved Is A Penny Earned

The first and best thing you can do to be more energy efficient requires no up-front cost at all, just a little change in attitude. Responsible use of existing household appliances can mean money in your pocket.

Space heating is the largest portion of household energy use (about 31 percent). Turning down your thermostat a few degrees and keeping your fireplace vent closed when not in use can create significant energy savings. Lower the temperature in your home when you go to bed and when you leave the house.

Turning off lights that are not in use is another simple but effective habit for saving energy.

Leaking faucets might seem to be letting out only a few drips, but a minor drip can fill three bathtubs in a month! That's a lot of water.

During winter months, keep drapes open on south-facing windows so you can more naturally heat your living space.

Inexpensive Ways To Save

Making sure your home is thoroughly insulated (between R-30 and R-60 ratings for most US homes), installing an adjustable thermostat and caulking around your windows are all inexpensive improvements that will pay for themselves. Insulating your home's inner walls probably require a contractor, but insulating your attic is most critical and something you can do yourself.

PRODUCT REVIEW: SunFrost RF-16 refrigerator

Your refrigerator requires more energy than any other household appliance. Old refrigerators in particular are not built to save energy and can cost you big in energy bills. The SunFrost line of refrigerators are designed entirely around maximum energy efficiency. The RF-16 is a full-sized refrigerator that manages to use 15KwH of energy per month-less than 20% of what the average refrigerator of the same size! Such a purchase is definitely something to tell your home insurance provider about.

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