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Coupling your Home and Auto insurance with the same carrier means real saving

You have probably heard that when buying home insurance policy there is a possibility to buy it from the same carrier that provides you with auto insurance. And, although many of you may think that it's a bit monopolistic and want to get the lowest rate possible by shopping around, there is some strong evidence that coupling your home and auto insurance policies is really a smart thing to do.

One of the main reasons you may find such a move reasonable is of course convenience. When having both auto insurance and home insurance wit the same company you will have a single agent that will deal with your insurance and will be able to help you tailor your policies or keep you up to date on the new improvements in that area far more effectively than two separate persons from different companies. And you will have to pay only one single invoice instead of thinking when is your auto insurance due date and when you have to pay for home insurance. It's far easier both for you and the company as you get a better degree of transparency and there's much less paperwork and disturbance than if you would have two separate companies providing you insurance.

The second, and probably the most attractive aspect of having one carrier for multiple types of coverage, is definitely the price. Most insurance companies provide considerable discounts for having multiple types of insurance policies with them, so even if you find a more suitable option from another carrier when shopping around, take in consideration the discount you will receive from the carrier of your current policy – quite often it turns out that such discounts make it even cheaper for you to have both the house and auto insurance policies with the same not-so-cheap carrier rather than having two cheap carriers dealing with your policies.

So now you have something to think over and when the time of your policy renewal comes you should be ready with asking questions your insurance provider and combining home insurance and auto insurance under one umbrella.


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