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Child-Proof Home to Lower Home Insurance

Children And Liability

Having children will automatically cause your home insurance premiums to go up. Children are seen as prone to accidents and injuries, first as babies and increasingly as they grow older. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate this cost and bring down your monthly charges while keeping your family safe.

Maintain Your Home

Unkept homes containing downed branches, sports equipment and toys strewn about, or structural damage all contribute to a more dangerous living space, particularly if children are in the picture. Keeping your home tidy and making immediate repairs will show you are providing a safe environment and exemplifies responsibility that looks good to insurers.

Avoid Dangerous Items

Trampolines and swimming pools are significant sources of injuries and deaths in homes, and home insurance providers have taken notice. Having one of these is certain to increase your home insurance costs. If you do decide to have a pool, make sure you restrict access for young children with the tools mentioned below. If purchasing a trampoline, purchasing protective netting will increase safety but likely won't lower home insurance costs.

Child-Proof Your Home

When you have a baby, hire a professional to child-proof your home. Send the receipt for this work to your home insurance provider, and you'll likely be able to lower your rates since you've proven you reduced the chance of serious injury to your child.

Child-proofing includes the following:
  • Install safety latches on cupboards and drawers to prevent access to dangerous items (detergents, cleaning products, and other poisons) or areas (bathrooms, pool areas, storage).
  • Protective covers over unused electrical outlets.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for outlets near water, so appliances dropped in water automatically shut off.
  • Secure furniture like book cases so they can't fall when pulled.
  • Install corner and edge bumpers on edges of furniture and fireplace hearths to avoid injury.
  • Gate systems to restrict access to certain areas for certain times of day.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Toddler table shield

Although plate glass tables or other sharp-edged furniture might be attractive, they can be frequent culprits in injuries to young children who may fall or run into them, causing potentially serious injuries. The table shield is a cushion ring secured by elastic that easily fits around the edges of square or circular furniture in order to provide a softer edge. The device is simple and you can purchase a number of sizes that best fit the circumference of your desired furniture.

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