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Cancellation and Non-renewal: any different?

There is a world of difference between the cancellation of the policy by your home insurance company and the choice of not renewing it. 60 days after the enforcement of the policy the company cannot cancel it but there are exceptions when:

  • You stop paying the premium
  • You lied in your application.

Non-renewal is something different though. Both, you and your home insurance company can decide when to renew the policy. If the company refuses to renew the policy - demand a reasonable explanation for it. In the contrary case, let your state insurance department know about it.

Non-renewal decision doesn't have to be the outcome of your actions. Maybe they have just decided to drop some lines of insurance or add some new policies. If it was you who is at fault then you risk your policy not to be renewed for totally different reasons than these. If your current home insurance company didn’t renew your policy, this surely doesn’t mean you will pay more next time you choose your insurance company.

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