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QUESTION: Do you insure mobile homes in Florida?

ANSWER: First, the news you really want to hear. Although your mobile home may be your home, some companies do not insure them under a "homeowners insurance policy". The reason is insurers like to classify homes as permanent structures, physically attached to the land. If your home rests on the ground by its own weight, you will be looking for a specialised policy. But if there are permanent foundations like a site-built house, homeowners insurers will cover it.

It is, of course, cheaper if your home is going to spend most of its time in one place. It gives insurers a better chance to assess the risk of damage. Otherwise, your home is like a vehicle and it could be damaged anywhere it happens to be.

Like a home, you are going to be looking for coverage against the usual perils like fire, wind, flood, and water damage. If you stay in Florida, damage from the weight of snow will not be a problem. But it is more expensive to insure because, unlike a bigger site-built house, one storm or fire can have a bigger effect on a small mobile home. It is the same with protection for the contents because mobile homes are less easy to secure. Also remember to look for additional living expenses if the mobile home is too seriously damaged to live in.

There are some specialist companies and policies. For example, if you are older, the AARP has a good policy. If not, you should be able to find a company through this site. Make sure the policy has all the coverage you need but watch the cost. Mobile homes are a lot cheaper to build or buy, but more expensive to insure per square foot than "conventional" hoes unless you buy from a specialist insurer.

In this, remember that this answer is only given for your general information. You should not rely on it as professional advice. Discuss your needs with the insurance companies that quote through this site.


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