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QUESTION: hi, i need a home ins. quote for my condo. It's about 884 sf. Second floor,2 bedroom and near fire station (less than a mile),built in 1984. I need a economy plan, excluding personal properties, and fire coverages. Let me know if you need any more info. via email exchange. I can only provide this much info. at this time. Once i get an idea how much, i will provide more info. Thanks, -mike


Sorry, this site does not work as a insurance agency or brokerage. We do not offer quotes. The search engine here is for you to use. Confirm your state of residence, fill in the questionnaire, and wait for all the quotes to come in from the insurance companies licensed to sell policies in your state. If the detail of the quotes does not quite match your needs, email or telephone the companies offering the most interesting premium rates. By adding detail, you can refine the quotes.

Best of luck in your search for an affordable policy. This site gives you the best chance.


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