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4 Surprises Home Insurance Doesn't Cover

Even if you read your policy very careful, you might still be surprised these 10 things are not covered.

#1: Currency

Some people think keeping money under their mattress is safer than keeping it in a bank. At least money in banks are insured! If you have cash lying around, under the mattress, or even in a safe or lock box, it will probably not be reimbursed under the terms of your homeowners or renters insurance.

#2: Water Damage from Backups and Floods

Unless you have flood insurance, nowadays insurance companies won't cover water damage caused by flooding or storms.

What most policies do cover burst pipes and damage from accidents or non-flood disasters.
Don't expect sewage backups or other pipe backups to be covered standard though. What you need is “sewer backup coverage”.

#3: Trampolines

Depending on your state, you might not get coverage for your trampoline. Obviously, no trampoline repairs, but the bigger concern is your liability from injuries incurred during trampoline use. Over 100 thousand injuries happen each year due to trampolines.

In some places and with some companies, you might be disqualified from getting any property liability coverage at all if you put in a trampoline. And don't think about not telling your insurer, because they can void your whole contract if they learn about it.

You should also be concerned about the damage to your home or others that a trampoline can cause if it is blown away in a storm. At the very least, bolt it down.

#4: Much Ado about Pools

While screened pool enclosures are great for making sure you can use your pool whenever, free from bugs and other things that might drift in, they are also super expensive, vulnerable, and usually uninsured. This is especially true in coastal states in the South, where enclosures and tropical storms are both common. Enclosures are extremely vulnerable to hurricanes and high winds, when objects flying through the air can crash into them and cause thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Don't even bother with the claim, because they are not going to pay it.

Don't have a fence or “cage” around your pool? Make sure you check your state law, because many states require them. Many insurers do as well, if you want them to cover liability. If a person should drown in your pool, as thousands of children do each year, you could be charged with criminal neglect; most home insurance providers will not help you without a fence.

Water slides and diving boards are really joys for children, but absolute nightmares for home insurance providers. That's why many home insurance companies will not provide liability coverage for pools with either, and some won't even offer you a policy at all if you have a slide or board.

#5: Pit Bulls and Other “Aggressive Breeds”

In no way is it scientifically proven that certain breeds of dog are more dangerous than others, but that won't stop insurance companies from denying you liability coverage. Because of statistics, certain breeds might not be offered coverage.

Dogs categorized as high-risk breeds include:

Pit bulls
Chow chows
German shepherds
Wolf hybrids
Doberman pinschers

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