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How does having a pet impact your home insurance rates? Which species of animal companions are covered by home insurance. Get the answers to crucial questions about pets and coverage.

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What is homeowners insurance?
Co-op or Condo insurance?
What does the standard homeowners policy imply?
Home insurance and flooding
Is there a chance of having a house without insurance?
Why are home assets necessary?
Cancellation and Non-renewal: any different?

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Responding to Home
Insurance Claim Denials

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Child-Proof Home to Lower Home Insurance
Child-oriented home

Energy saving

Energy and Home Insurance Saving Tips
Save Your Energy
Electricity Usage
Energy Examinations At Home
Refreshing Your House
Isolation and Air Closure
Heat and Cool it Up
Home security

Home Security and Home Insurance Savings
Get a Cam to Make It Safer
Home security for those living alone and of limited mobility
Is this home security company good enough for you?

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Amanda (Brooklyn, New York):

I am not the type to trust rumors and believe gossip on the streets, but I was told to check your website the other week. It was when I moved to Brooklyn from Cleveland. By that time I already had my car insured and my health insurance was quite a suitable one for me. I can’t complain. I want to tell all the readers of the article that it is such a perfect occasion to get discounts on some of the necessary stuff. This website has helped me to lower my annual premiums and I could not be more content. I want to that all of the representatives of your insurance company for their willingness to help and their ability to make life easier. Thank you very much!

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Why Buy Home Insurance Online?

Insurance is the way we protect the important things in our lives. The homes we buy are the biggest single investment we will ever make. If a flood, tornado or earthquake strikes, we will not survive the financial loss. We fill our homes with more than basic necessities. As people, we are the sum of all things we keep around us. Although money can never replace our hopes and memories, it brings the chance to rebuild our lives and make good the losses.

We feel secure knowing we will always have enough money to find somewhere safe to live. It gives us confidence if a home can once again be filled with the joy of possession. It gives us peace of mind to have a good home insurance policy from a reliable company.

The internet gives you the chance to find the right home insurance policy for you. A short questionnaire captures your needs and sends your details to all the major insurers licensed to sell policies. The resulting five quotes from the top insurers give you the ideal starting point in the search for good coverage at an affordable price.

The internet brings you immediate information from multiple sources. You can compare and contrast the offers. With our experience in support, you will find the ideal policy to match your needs at an affordable price.

What do you need to find the right insurance coverage? You need accurate information about the market.

What is the standard advice? Shop around! That means getting detailed quotes. You need something more than a headline premium rate and marketing copy. Policies are more than the price. You need details of the terms being offered so that you can make real comparisons between the different quotes.

For you, the key words are "accuracy" and "rigor".

This site can only supply you with information about the insurance offered by companies holding a licence to sell policies in your state. No insurance company can sell a home insurance policy across state lines. That is why we need your ZIP code.

Then we need a simple statement of your insurance needs. A questionnaire collects that information. When this statement is sent to the insurance companies, it produces accurate results matching your needs. The detailed quotes give you the chance for rigorous comparisons. You can be confident you are comparing applies with apples when you use this service

There are no hidden commissions to pay to insurance agents, no unexpected fees. This is a free service offering you the chance to save money and find the best level of protection for your home.